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Convergent Pacific is recently held by Siemens, a German based international conglomerate, to provide full engineering services to conduct preliminary engineering for an e-highway project in Los Angeles County, California.  The project involves one mile of e-highway demonstration that provides catenary system to supply electricity to the hybrid trucks similar to the light rail transit system.   The Port of Long Beach handles 40% of the entire US import/export operation.  Emission from the heavy truck traffic in and out of the Port has increasingly raised environmental concern in the Great L. A. Metro Area.  Eliminating the emission from the trucks by electrifying the trucks within 50 mile radius of the Port has been on the agenda of the local environmental authorities.  The one mile demonstration e-highway project is a critical path to extend the operation in kind at a large scale.  This would be the first e-highway project in the world.

CP involves project site feasibility assessment, base mapping and utility research, civil improvement preliminary engineering, soil data evaluation, catenary pole type and preliminary design, pole foundation and embedment preliminary design, managing of soil resistivity testing and substation groundmat preliminary design, and cost estimating.