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Design and Engineering

Convergent Pacific provides engineering services for all phases of a project- from conceptual design through construction. We have been recognized in the industry for our technical excellence and cost effective solutions that have redefined best practices in the field of engineering. Our expertise has been well demonstrated by the wide range of projects.

To deliver a successful project in a timely and cost effective manner, we understand it is crucial to establish a trusting and cooperative working relationship between the client and consultant. The key to this working relationship is to fully understand and define the scope of services required by the client. Following is a typical list of procedures we use when we are engaged with projects:

  1. Establishing effective communications with the client and other stakeholders (if any) as it is the key to defining scope of work and budget.
  2. Agreeing on the scope and fee including labor, material, equipment and incedentals to perform the work and a preliminary schedule will be submitted to the client for review and approval. Once scope and fee are approved, we will follow the design development procedures to perform the work.
  3. Presenting work plan describing the methods and procedures to follow in performing each task order including Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures would be prepared prior to start of any work.
  4. Assuring specific taks of the project have a good start, thorugh the diligent research and data collection of all files, reports, records, as-built plans.Review collected data and perform site visits to determine the site contstraints.
  5. Estabiishing the frequency of meetings with the client to report work progress. Open communication and issue identification early on will be a key to a successful project.
  6. To meet the project delivery schedule, staff hours would be guaranteed as work plan stated. Utilizing staff effectively is important to ensure project completed in a cost effective manner.
  7. Starting from the beginning to use good quality control systems that would reduce review time and revisison, and therefor esure project completed in quality and in time.
  8. Our experienced engineers and knowedgable technical staff are well equipped with state-of-the-art computer equipment and design software such as up to date AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Microstation, Inroad, etc. We have a proven record of designing project in the most efficient way. We are proud to say that we hav ealways completed projects in high quality, on time and within budget per contract.