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Land Use Planning and
Site Development

Convergent Pacific's multi-disciplinary team offers excellent knowledge and extensive experience to our clients with surveying, planning, civil, site, municipal, and environmental engineering. Our team's balanced skills are available to address the site needs for cost/benefit analyses, water, wastewater capacity, storm water, drainage, permitting, recreation and project implementation.

At Convergent Pacific, we help our clients create their visions and bring them to reality. Visions combine the functional with a sense of place, adding character and value to the otherwise ordinary. Place-making requires that our planners work with the natural features and values that make places notable and memorable. These features are embraced and woven into the fabric of our designs and plans, bringing a sense of them and continuity, reflecting the context of the site and the region in which they are located.

Our land planning staff is comprised of individuals who are recognized for their creative and imaginative strengths as much as for their technical skills. Our creative approaches have well been recognized in range of development including: